Commercial Display Refrigeration FAQs and Why Choose Novachill

What is commercial refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration applies the principle of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The application involves commercial refrigeration systems that utilize the refrigerant solution for the transference of heat from the food inside the refrigerator to the refrigerant. The principle is that, when there are two items with dissimilar temperatures drawn to each other, there is a transference of heat from the warmer item to the colder item. There is also a second physical principle adhered to by refrigerant solutions, and that is that when gases expand, they cool down, and when they are compressed, they warm up.

There are numerous commerce and industries that utilize commercial fridge freezer, such as the food and beverage industry-related businesses (supermarkets, restaurants, bistros, bars, and convenience stores, to name a few). Aside from the food industry, the medical domain also employs commercial refrigeration, especially for medications or equipment that need to store at an ideal temperature. Flower shops also need a commercial display refrigerator to preserve flowers.


Commercial refrigeration has been an immense help to the food industry and other businesses, as well as households, to preserve foodstuffs from rotting, flowers to last, and medicines to preserve their potency and effectiveness. Heat must be removed from these items for the safety of the consumers.

Equipment for Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration equipment is an appliance used for storing items in enterprises. They are cooling appliances used by food marts, retail food stores, restaurants, groceries, eateries, refectories, and pantries.

We have a wide array which includes drop-coolers, reach-in enclosed vending machines, deli cases, semi-vertical display cabinets, back bar coolers, refrigerated display cases, and many more.

Different Functions of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

1. The freezer prevents spoilable items from spoiling.

2. The chillers are for maintaining the proper cooling temperature for foodstuff, thereby averting spoilage but not to the extent of freezing the items.

3. Freezers and chillers (combined) have a two-in-one function: to maintain the cool temperature of items and to freeze spoilable stuff.

What is display refrigeration?

Display refrigeration is ideal for any consumable items that provide a view of the items placed inside the cooling storage. It is a cold display cabinet or piece of chilled equipment where you can see the contents, and it usually has a glass door or lid.


There are several types of display refrigeration equipment options depending on your needs.

First, we have display fridges. They are ideal for cafés, bistros, cafeterias, or any setting where the customers are being assisted or where there are servers. These are the refrigerators under the counters. They either have one, two, or three-door choices.

Display Freezers are usually used in grocery stores or supermarkets as they can contain many items. There are two types, the standing, and the under-counter ones, and they are also available in single, double, and triple doors.

Wine coolers are used in bars so that the wines are chilled and displayed well.

Bottle coolers, like wine coolers, are suitable in bars, where you will get a perfect view of the beverage choices.

The ice cream display refrigerator is, of course, for ice cream in gallons, tubs, ice drops, and sugar cones in various flavors, which makes it very inviting for customers.

There are still many other examples, but these are the most common ones. Rest assured this commercial display refrigeration equipment is not only for inviting customers to purchase but serves its very purpose of preserving items for safe and convenient consumption.

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